Deptford Fire Department Recruiting

The Deptford Fire Department welcomes new members from all walks of life! Everyone has something to offer to their community.

You can join us to serve in the following ways:

  • Junior Members (ages 16-17) - Respond to incidents under supervision and continue to learn.
  • Senior Members (ages 18+) - Actively engage in firefighting after becoming certified as a NJ Firefighter 1 (the training is free!)
  • Canteen (ages 18+) - Provide rehabilitation services to not only our members, but to firefighters all over Gloucester County at the scene of major incidents as a member of our Rehab Unit located at the Princeton Blvd. Station
  • Fire Police (ages 18+) - Assist with traffic control at the scene of fires and motor vehicle crashes (after receiving the proper training)
  • Or contribute to the operation of your local station in an administrative capacity.

Our Application Process is as Follows:

1) Your completed membership application must be submitted to Fire Administration. Additional forms (available at Fire Administration) may need to be completed.

2) There is an Administrative Review of your application and forms.

a) Membership in other organization – if transferring, you'll need a letter of recommendation from the Chief of your former company.
b) Certifications and licenses – copies of each should be attached to application.

3) A background check will be conducted by the Deptford Police Department, NJ State Police using State Bureau of Investigation records and NJ Department of Motor Vehicles.

4) Attend an interview with the Chief and have your ID picture taken

5) Physical Exam – you will be advised during the Chief’s interview as where to go. The cost of exam is paid by the Fire Department

Once all is received back and processed, a letter of recommendation is issued to the Company President of the Station you are assigned to. A copy will be sent in the mail to you also at the same time. Member is placed on 1 year probation.

ID’s turnout gear and equipment issued.

At 6 months, a Class B Uniform is issued. You will need to come to Fire Administration and receive the authorization for such, which you will then take to vendor for sizing and processing. The cost is paid for by the Fire Department.


Volunteer Firefighter Application Form