On August 25th at 07:08 Battalions 3 and 4 were dispatched to Route 55 SB for a MVA. Deptford EMS reported a vehicle off the highway, in the woods with entrapment. Engine 932 took fire suppression and lead off with chain saw to clear a path for Rescue 938. 938's crew along with Deptford EMS extricated one patient who was transported to the hospital. 932 stayed on the scene until the vehicle was removed from the woods.

On August 26th at 22:56 Battalion 3 was dispatched to Babies-R-Us for a vehicle fire. Engines 933 and 932 made a quick attack on the fire, with 931 and 934 as back up.

On August 9th, 2012, at 18:55, Battalion 3 was called out for an animal rescue of a stray kitten stuck up a tree. After several attempts with a ground ladder failed to reach the kitten, Ladder 936 was put into service to successfully remove the animal. When brought down, one of the local residents that had gathered around the scene asked if she could provide a home for the kitten. Photo taken by Phil DiBona.


Pictured below is Engine 932 taking part of the 5" Hose Task Force for Camden County called into action on Monday night June 18, 2012 at 11:45 PM. Engine 932 participated in the suppression of a six alarm fire at Magnetic Metals Inc., located on river road in Camden City. The units remained on the scene until being relieved shortly before 5am.



Click on the image to the right to view larger images of the event.

Building Fire - 1830 Delsea Drive (New Sharon Vol. Fire Co.) (Delsea Drive Station)

On Monday December 8, 2008 at 22:10 Hours, a fire occurred at the Delsea Drive Station. The building, owned by the New Sharon Volunteer Fire Co. was destroyed. Two pieces of apparatus, Engine 942 & Brush Unit 945 were in the building at the time of the fire. Through the efforts of numerous members, Captain Anthony Steigerwald was able to drive Engine 942 through the overhead door and out of the building. Brush Unit 945 was not able to be removed. Then Engine sustained approximately $80,000 in damage and was sent back to E-ONE for repair. The Brush Unit was totaled by the insurance company.
Fortunately, the Quint - Ladder 946 was out getting warranty repairs completed and was saved. The company remained in service at the Tanyard Road Station for a short time until the Quint came back.

The members are now running out of garage space graciously provided to us by the Deptford Township Municipal Utilities
Authority on Cattell Road.

As of this writing, the cause of the fire is still under investigation being jointly conducted by the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office, Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Office, Deptford Police and the Gloucester Co. Prosecutor's office.

Photos courtesy of Steve Skipton & William Rieger III.


Dwelling Fire - 146 Betsy Ross Way

On Thursday, August 16th at 15:42 hours, Station 9-3 was dispatched to 146 Betsy Ross Way for a reported dwelling fire. While still responding, Chief Hubbs (901) reported heavy smoke showing from two blocks out and filled out the box, adding Station 9-2, Utility 947, Engine 911 and Camden County Ladder 82 as the FAST TEAMS.

Chief Hubbs arrived on location to find a 2 story, wood frame, single family dwelling, 45' x 40' with heavy smoke showing from the garage and the Division 1 soffits. The first arriving engine, Engine 921 was ordered to go into service with a 2-1/2" water line to attack the fire. The second arriving apparatus, Ladder 946, was directed to lay a 5" supply line into the scene to supply Engine 921 and then place their main in service to check for extension and ventilate the dwelling.

Due to the quick action of all members on the scene, the fire was contained to the garage with limited extension out the Division "D" wall and into the window on Division "2". The roof crew opened the ridge vent to extinguish some smoldering materials in the attack.

The fire originated in a vehicle that was in the garage. The fire was investigated by the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office.


Initial Dispatch: Station 9-3 (Engine 931, Rescue 938); Engine 921; Ladder 946;
Car 901 (Chief Hubbs); FM-9 (R. Burkhardt)
ALL HANDS: Station 9-2 (Ladder 926, Engine 923); Engine 911 (FAST Engine);
Camden Co. Ladder 82-Chews Landing (FAST Ladder); Cascade 947;
Deptford ESU-2 Squads; Deptford Police; Ladder 626 (cover).
SPECIAL CALL: Canteen 9; Deptford Fire Police

Photos courtesy of Steve Skipton.


Structure Fire - 425 Carson Avenue

On Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at 14:38 hours, units from Battalion 2 and Rescue 938 were dispatched to 425 Carson Avenue, in the Woodbury Gardens section of the township for a reported structure fire. 9201 (B/C Thomas) arrived on location to find heavy smoke showing from a 20' x 20' detached garage. The fire vented through the roof upon the arrival of first due Engine 923.

Members placed two 1-3/4" water lines in service and stretched a 5" water line to the hydrant to effect extinguishment. The fire was placed under control within 30 minutes. The fire is under investigation by the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office.

Photos courtesy of Bob Bartosz


Building Fire - 1070 Delsea Drive

Station 9-2 and Rescue 938 were dispatched at 01:32 hours to Frank's Pizza, at 1070 Delsea Drive, for a building fire. 9201 (B/C Thomas) arrived on location to find fire in a one story taxpayer. He stuck the all hands box at 01:38 adding two FAST Teams, (E911 & E511), the air unit (947), L936, two squads, the FMO, gas and electric utilities and placing the covers in the station.

The second alarm was requested at 01:38 bringing E731, E931, L946 as well as re-covering the open stations. An additional FAST Team (E631) was dispatched at 02:14.

The third alarm was requested at 02:18 bringing the cover companies (E941, Camden Co. E451, Camden County L82, Camden County R84) to the scene and re-covering the open stations,

With the manpower pool depleted, the fourth alarm was requested at 02:43 adding E1311, L516, and Camden County E33 from the covers. In addition, Camden County L51 (Gloucester City) was called in to replace L33 which was out of service.

Assistance was received from the following companies to cover the empty stations on the fourth alarm: Ladder 2246 (Sewell), Engine 2831 (Pitman), Camden County Quint 91 (Barrington).

The fire was fed by leaking natural gas lines that took 3 1/2 hours to be secured.

Photos courtesy of Jim Bonner (VC-9)


Dwelling Fire - 405 Highland Avenue

On Saturday, March 25th, 2006, units from Battalion 4, Ladder 926 & Rescue 938 were dispatched to 405 Highland Avenue for a reported dwelling fire. Because numerous members were attending technical rescue training at the Fire Administration building less than a mile away, Engine 931 & Ladder 926 arrived on location within three (3) minutes of being dispatched to find a one story, wood frame, single family dwelling with heavy fire showing from the rear of the structure. The truck company opened up while the engine crews stretched two 1-3/4" water lines and made quick work of the fire. No injuries were reported to either the members or civilians present.


Dwelling Fire - 308 Lycoming Avenue

Stations 9-1, 15-1 & Engine 941 were dispatched to Lycoming Avenue in the Oak Valley section of the township for a reported dwelling fire. While enroute, communications advised that the neighbors reported smoke coming from the rear of the house.

Upon the arrival of Woodbury Hts. Chief 1501, the companies were ordered to lead off with 1.5" water lines. This order was quickly upgraded to a 2.5" water line due to heavy fire showing from the dwelling.

One firefighter was injured when his knees were burned with steam while entering the rear of the building.


Dwelling Fire - 749 Howard Avenue

Companies were dispatched for a report of smoke coming out of the windows. First due Engine 911 arrived and had heavy smoke showing. Upon the arrival of B.C. Hubbs, heavy fire was visible throughout the dwelling.

In spite of an aggressive interior attack, the fire took hold of the building due to extension into void spaces and the crews had to resort to an exterior attack.

No injuries were reported.

Companies on the scene:
Battalion 9-1, Battalion 9-4, Battalion 9-3, Station 13-1 (Wenonah), Squrt 666 (Greenfields Fire Co. - West Deptford Twp.), Deptford Police ESU, Deptford Fire Marshal's Office.


Dwelling Fire - 127 Carver Drive

On April 4, 2003, Battalion 9-4 was dispatched for a reported dwelling fire at 127 Carver Drive in the Hammond Hts. section of the township. The first arriving police officer found heavy fire showing through the roof of the dwelling.

First due Engine 942 arrived and went into service with two 1.5" water lines. Crews made entry to the dwelling via the interior stairs and the garage roof. The fire was placed under control in 35 minutes.

The fire was caused by candles coming into contact with combustible materials.


Dwelling Fire - Hurffville Road

While operating at a gas leak at the Deptford Mall, companies were notified that there was a reported dwelling fire on Hurffville Road.

Engine 911, who was enroute to the fuel pumps at the Township garage, arrived first due to find an "L" shaped, 1 story single family dwelling heavily involved in the rear. The crew led off with a 2.5" line. Due to the first due companies being in service at the Deptford Mall, the second alarm was dispatched for the mall but it was directed to respond to the dwelling fire.

During this incident, the power lines became involved in the fire and arced, causing a brilliant light show.

The fire was placed under control within 45 minutes. No injuries were reported.


Dwelling Fire - 66 Grant Avenue

On January 30, 2003, while leaving the Fire Administration Building, the crew of Rescue 938 observed a large column of smoke from the Gardenville Section of the Twp. Upon turning unto Grant Avenue, the crew found heavy fire showing.

While the assignment was being dispatched, the electrical service to the dwelling dropped to the ground and was arcing.

Upon the arrival of first due Engine 932, the crew went into service with a 2.5" water line and two 1.5" lines. The crews made a quick knock down and B.C. Hubbs placed the fire under control within 18 minutes.

No injuries were reported.


Commercial Building Fire

On Friday, December 5, 2002 at 8:52 am, companies arrived to find heavy smoke showing, and upon opening up the building, heavy fire ensued.

The fire went to a second alarm with all Deptford Battalions and the Woodbury Fire Department assisting. The fire was placed under control at 0924 hours. No injuries were reported. The fire was determined to be caused by a malfunctioning heater.


New Jersey Turnpike - Truck MVA

A tractor-trailer loaded with packing peanuts (which was parked on the shoulder) was struck in the rear by a box truck. The box truck overturned, partially ejecting the driver who became trapped between the door and the ground.

Members used the jaws to lift the truck off of the driver's head.


Dwelling Fire - 240 Ogden Road

Crews arrived to fined heavy fire showing in the 1st floor living room. Fire extended up an open stairway in to the roof area. Sections of the home were over 100 years old and had multiple roofs which made opening up extremely difficult.

The fire took over 8 hours to finally extinguish. No injuries were reported.


Truck MVA - Hurffville Road

On June 28, 2002, a pick-up truck collided into the rear of a box truck. Hurffville Road i/f/o the South Jersey Federal Credit Union.

Driver escaped with a minor head laceration; Passenger had to be extricated (45 minutes). Every piece of hydraulic rescue equipment in the township was used to effect the rescue.

Passenger survived with minor injuries.

Companies on the scene:
901 (Chief Gallagher), E932, R938, E931, E933, E921, FM 9, FM 9-2, Deptford ESU, Life Support 1, NJ SouthStar helicopter.


Commercial Building Fire - LaPolla's Auto Parts

Fire occurred in the shop where wrecked vehicles are dismantled, when spilled gasoline was ignited by friction while a vehicle was being moved into the shop. Engine 921 went into service with 1 -1 1/2" and a deluge gun to extinguish the fire. The supply line was laid by E733 of the Westville Fire Department.

This fire occurred on a day with 98 degree weather and was reported about 5 hours after the crews had left the scene of the 240 Ogden Road incident.

The fire heavily damaged the shop. Fire apparatus had great difficulty accessing the scene do to code violations.

Two firefighters were injured.


Apartment Building Fire - Narraticon Complex


Building Fire - Oak Valley Elementary School

Fire at Oak Valley Elementary School involving the natural gas service.


Building Fire - Three Points Cafe


MVA - Route 42 Fatal Bus / Auto Crash

June 4, 2001