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Budget Documents

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Department Statistics

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Deptford Fire Department is to provide efficient, cost effective fire protection to our customers, the residents and commuters of Deptford Township, in accordance with state and nationally recognized standards and practices.

We shall achieve this through the use of standardized policies and training on the latest techniques and equipment while maintaining the highest level of safety for our members.

We pledge to serve in accordance with our adopted Code of Conduct, while achieving the highest levels of performance.

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Code of Conduct

Professionalism: To carry out the highest standards of professionalism while both on and off duty. This includes treating fellow firefighters, citizens, and other professionals with the utmost dignity and respect. Wearing the appropriate uniform and protective gear while on-duty. Refraining from conduct which would cause embarrassment or disgrace to colleagues, the department or stations.

Partnership: To develop and nurture a relationship with the citizens of Deptford Township, colleagues, and the township government to provide superior fire prevention, education and suppression.

Drug-Free Department: To maintain a drug-free work environment by refraining from using drugs or tolerating drug use by colleagues.

Empowerment: Develop an organization that reflects community values and facilitates citizen participation.

Problem Solving: Rendering services through innovative, proactive, and public safety responses to the needs of the residents of the township and those in need of assistance.

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination: To refrain from any conduct which creates an environment of sexual harassment, or amounts to age, race or religious discrimination.

Harassment Policy

Public Service: To always remember that we are founded upon service to the public and to conduct ourselves accordingly.

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Annual Reports

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