Battalion 1 Apparatus  

Car 910 2008 Ford Explorer B/C R. Newman
Engine 911 1997 KME 1750 GPM Pumper Princeton Blvd.
Engine 912 2005 Elite 1250 GPM Pumper Princeton Blvd.
Rehab 9 1973 GMC Van Rehab Unit Princeton Blvd.


Battalion 2 Apparatus

Car 920 2013 Chevy Tahoe B/C R.Thomas
Engine 921 1997 KME 1750 GPM Rescue/Pumper Tacoma Blvd.
Engine 922 1997 KME 1750 GPM Pumper Fisher Street
Engine 923 2005 Elite 1250 GPM Pumper Tacoma Blvd.
Brush 925 2013 Ford F350 Pick Up Fisher Street
Ladder 926 1999 American LaFrance 93’ Ladder Tower Tacoma Blvd.
Marine 9-2 19-ft. Boston Whaler Boat Tacoma Blvd.
Foam 9-2 200 gallon foam tender with deluge gun Tacoma Blvd.


Battalion 3 Apparatus

Car 930 2005 Ford Explorer B/C C. Pfeiffer
Engine 931 1997 KME 1750 GPM Pumper Good Intent Road
Engine 932 1997 KME 1750 GPM Foam Pumper Cooper Street
Engine 933 2009 Crimson 1500 GPM Pumper Good Intent Road
Ladder 936 2006 KME 102’ Ladder Tower Cooper Street
Utility 937 1986 Ford F-250 utility body Cooper Street
Rescue 938 2006 SVI Heavy Rescue Good Intent Road
Marine 9-3 12-ft. Boat Cooper Street
Marine 9-3A 16-ft. Boat Good Intent Road


Battalion 4 Apparatus

Car 940 2005 Ford Explorer B/C F. Ellis Jr.
Engine 942 2009 Crimson 1500 GPM Pumper Tanyard Road
Engine 943 1997 KME 1750 GPM Pumper Tanyard Road
Quint 946 2006 Seagrave 1500 GPM/75’ Quint Deptford MUA
Utility 947 1997 KME Air Cascade Unit Tanyard Road


Administrative Vehicles

FM-9 2013 Chevy Tahoe FM R. Burkhardt
FM-91 2005 Ford Explorer R. Taylor Sr.


Deptford Fire Police

FP-91 Ford Crown Victoria Deptford Twp. Municipal Building
FP-92 1989 Ford E-350 Ambulance Deptford Twp. Municipal Building


Apparatus History

In 1968, the Deptford Fire District purchased its first piece of apparatus, a Maxim 100-ft. aerial ladder, which was assigned to the Almonesson Lake Fire Company.

Other apparatus purchases include:

Four (4) Imperial 1250 gpm pumpers for the Union, Tacoma, New Sharon, and Almonesson Lake Fire Companies in 1971;

Three (3) Hahn 1250 gpm pumpers for the Oak Valley, Community and Helping Hand Fire Companies in 1975. A Chevrolet Step Van was also purchased to be used as the first Air Cascade unit by the Oak Valley Fire Company;

One (1) 1977 Chevrolet Step Van was purchased for the Community Fire Company to be used as a utility truck and the 2nd Air Cascade Unit for the township;

One (1) Hahn 1250 gpm pumper for the Jericho Fire Company along with two Ford Power Wagons for the New Sharon and Union Companies in 1978;

Three (3) Pierce 1500 gpm pumpers for the Oak Valley, Tacoma and Almonesson Lake Fire Companies in 1981;

One (1) Grumman 1250 gpm pumper for the Community Fire Company in 1985;

One (1) Marion Heavy Rescue for the Deptford Rescue Squad in 1986;

A Ford utility truck was purchased for the department mechanic in 1988. This vehicle was later converted to a power wagon in 1998 and assigned to the Helping Hand Fire Company;

One (1) Grumman 102-ft. Aerial Tower to replace the 1968 Maxim at Almonesson. With the growth of the township, the 1968 Maxim was retained as a 2nd aerial and assigned to the Tacoma Fire Company in 1989.

Two (2) Chevrolet Suburbans were purchased in 1991 with one being assigned to the Fire Marshal's Office and the other being assigned to the Almonesson Lake Fire Company for use as a command vehicle.

One (1) E-One 1250 gpm pumper was purchased in 1992 for the New Sharon Fire Company;

One (1) Chevrolet Astro Van was purchased for the Fire Marshal's Office along with a GMC Suburban for the Tacoma Fire Company in 1995.

1997 saw the purchase of a Crown Victoria for the newly hired Chief of Department, along with a Jeep Cherokee for the use of the Battalion Chief assigned to Battalion 1 ( Oak Valley ). A major apparatus purchase also occurred in 1997 when seven (7) pieces of apparatus were purchased from KME. These included four 1750 gpm pumpers, (1 each to Oak Valley, Union, Jericho and Helping Hand), one 1250 gpm rescue/pumper (Tacoma), one 1750 gpm pumper capable of dispensing foam and dry chemical (Almonesson Lake), and one air cascade/utility truck (Community). These purchases replaced older apparatus that had become costly to maintain. Also purchased during 1997 was a 1973 Young 85-ft. Pitman Snorkle from the Chews Landing Fire Company. This piece replaced the 1968 Maxim assigned to the Tacoma Fire Company.

In 1998, a Ford Utility truck was purchased used from the Washington Twp. Fire District to replace the department mechanic's truck.

In 1999, the Snorkle assigned to the Tacoma Fire Company was replaced with a new American LaFrance 93-ft. Ladder Tower. A Ford Explorer was also purchased for the expanding Fire Marshal's Office.

In 2001, the Chief's Crown Victoria was replaced and the 1997 Crown Victoria was assigned to the Fire Marshal.

In 2004, three (3) Ford Explorers were purchased and other vehicles were re-assigned. The 2001 Crown Victoria was reassigned to the Fire Marshal (FM-9) and later converted for use as a canine vehicle. The Fire Marshal’s 1997 Crown Victoria was re-assigned to Battalion Chief One. The 1997 Jeep was reassigned to Motor Maintenance. Three Ford Explorers were purchased and assigned as follows: one to the Chief of Department (901), one to Battalion Chief Three (9301) and the third to the Deptford Fire Marshal (FM 9-1). Battalion Chief Three’s 1991 Suburban was designated as a spare command vehicle and kept at Fire Administration. FM 9-1’s Van was assigned to the On-Duty Fire Investigators.

In 2005, we began a major upgrade to our fleet with the ordering of three pumpers, one 102’ ladder Tower, one 75’ Quint and a new heavy rescue. The three pumpers, 2005 Elite Power Products 1250 pumpers with 750 gallon tanks were received and placed in service the 2nd half of 2005. The pumpers were numbered Engine 912, 923 and 934.

In 2006, the ladder tower, a 2006 KME 102’ platform with a 2,000 gpm pump was placed in service January 24, 2006. It replaced a 1989 Grumman Aerial Cat that was similar in design. This piece continues to run as Ladder/Tower 936

In May of 2006, we received our new SVI Heavy Rescue and placed it in service within one week of it's arrival. This piece of apparatus greatly expands our capabilities in the area of structural collapse, trench, confined space and rope rescue. This piece is numbered Rescue 938.

November, 2006 saw the delivery of a Seagrave Marauder II 75' Quint with a 1,500 gpm pump and 500 gallons of water. This piece was placed in service at the Delsea Drive station to service the rapidly developing south end of the township and took the place of the E-One pumper, which was relocated to the Mail Avenue Station. The Quint represents our third aerial piece in the township and is numbered Ladder 946.

Also in 2006, the 1999 Ford Explorer was reassigned from the Fire Marshal's Office to Battalion Chief Four (9401). One of our 1991 Chevrolet Suburbans was donated to the Deptford Police Department for their use while the second Suburban was assigned to the growing Safety Division for the Duty Safety Officer.

In June of 2008, we placed a new 2008 Ford Explorer in service with Battalion Chief 1 (9101) to replace the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria which was placed in service with the Safety Division. The Safety Division's 1991 Suburban was retired and sold as was the 1997 Jeep Cherokee that was formerly used by our Maintenance Division. The 1986 Ford F-250 Utiity truck formerly used by the Maintenance Division was converted to a Foam/Haz-Mat Support Unit and placed in service at the Cooper Street Station as 937.

Anticipating the need to keep our fleet current, a contract was signed with Crimson Fire Apparatus in December 2008 for the purchase of two (2) 1,250 gpm pumpers (similar in design to the Elite Pumpers that were purchased in 2005). Based on the contract date, delivery of these two units is anticipated by December 2009. These two engines will replace Engines 941 and Engine 933. When delivered, Engine 941 will be assigned as the reserve engine (in plaec of E942) and Engine 933 will be sold.

On December 8th, 2008 at 22:10 hours, a fire occurred at the Delsea Drive Station that resulted in the destruction of Brush Unit 945 and major damage to Engine 942. The Brush Unit was totaled by our insurance company while Engine 942 was sent back to the manufacturer, E-One for repair. While at E-One, it was determined that the damage exceeded the value of the truck and it was totaled by our insurance company. The Reserve Engine was relocated to the Battalion 4 area to maintain coverage along with Ladder 946 and Engine 943 and is running as Engine 941.

Today, the Fire District maintains a modern fleet of apparatus capable of protecting the residents of Deptford Township.

We have instituted an apparatus replacement program to spread the cost of purchasing apparatus out over a period of time. This will help us avoid purchasing numerous pieces of apparatus at one time.